Why birth photography? Because they only take their first breath once.

The day your child is born is one of the most momentous occasions in the human experience. It's raw, it's real, and it will change your life forever. Very much like your wedding day, it goes by in a blur and that's why I LOVE photographing births. You deserve to have these precious memories preserved forever. I've never had a client regret booking me for a birth, but I've had SO MANY tell me they regret not having a birth photographer.

You can book a birth at any point in your pregnancy. You are welcome to make payments on your birth, but payment is due in full by 38 weeks.

Birth story sessions are $1100; they include my time on call from 38 weeks onward, your birth photographed from about 7 cm through up to 2 hours after delivery, all of your digital images in color and black and white (100+ images), and a $200 print credit to be used at your ordering appointment.